Thursday, September 9, 2010

Cataclysm Thoughts

So with the upcoming expansion I havent been actively gearing up my other level 80's, such as the druid, because just in a couple of months most likely I will be getting replacements to all the gear i have acumulated over the time in WOTLK.

I am really excited about Cataclysm, mostly going back to Vanilla somewhat, which I never experienced since I started playing at the start of TBC, The changes to Paladins, especially Holy, seem very interesting and I will have to change my game play quite a bit. The new Healing Rain spell on Shamans sounds really fun and I cant wait to use it! Druids I havent been actively listening to on the changes, but the no Tree-form 100% of the time is very odd to me. We will see how it turns out though once Cataclysm is released

Now I need your opinion, what to do next? Im not sure what to do, level alts? get more PvP gear for the Shaman or Druid? do ICC everynight I can on a different toon? So here is what I currently have:
Fiordin : 80 Holy Paladin PvE and PvP fully geared
Totemheal: 80 Resto / Ele Shaman Full PvE geared, only 1 piece of PvP
Lazrchicken: 80 Resto / Boomy Druid PvE geared (mostly Naxx gear though) and 1 piece of PvP
Vynno: 61 Disc / Shadow Priest (hasnt hit 80 yet so maybe level him)

So please post a comment on your thoughts on what I should do next!

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